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About Us

Our Clients Are Our Most Important Asset!


When you’re in the construction business, your client’s welfare is job #1. We understand that. A satisfied client means a job well done and a job well done is the key to our success.


How do we get to Job Well Done? At Viking Construction, general contractors for Marblehead, MA and environs, we distinguish ourselves from all the others with four key business practices:


Detail: We are detailed-orientated in our work and our bidding. Our detailed bid shows you exactly how we arrived at our price. There are no hidden “gotchas” - just straightforward line items that show you where the money is going and why. In the event changes are necessary due to unforeseen circumstances, we will detail all the necessary changes, and your approval will be the release for extra work.


Trust: We understand that opening your home to a contractor requires trust. Often our clients are not present when we are working. Having a contractor you can trust in your absence - and who will keep their word - is something we take pride in. We can provide you with names of our former clients so you can feel confident working with us.


Quality: Every contractor sets their standards for quality and we are no different. However, we believe our quality standards exceed our peers. We believe that quality has two parts: that which can be seen, and that which is unseen. Our quality is more than superficial; it extends beyond the finished parts that you can see, to the important unseen components that prevent future mold, mildew, moisture problems, cracks and other issues. 


Cost: Sometimes there are opportunities to reduce costs without affecting quality. As your contractor, we put our experience to work for you in delivering the best product at the best price. We will never cheapen our deliverables; however, we will strive to find savings any way we feasibly can.


Check out photos of Client Projects or call us at 781.631.5444 for a personal tour of completed projects and we will explain what makes a quality Job Well Done.

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