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Our Crew

The Viking Construction crew consists of contracting professionals who will bring your project to fruition in timely and exacting fashion. Viking Construction has been in business for over 10 years, but we do not rest on longevity alone, rather priding ourselves on the overall experience we want you to have working with our team and subcontractors.

Jon Hancke, owner and lead


Jon Hancke, originally from Oslo, Norway, has been working with his hands from a very early age. At 14, he worked on his own as a handyman during the summer vacation, and he is probably the only person who has built an architecturally-designed outhouse. It was a great job...except for the teardown of the old one! His love of working with his hands was interrupted by college, then a 20-year stint working in high tech, where he specialized in global distribution of high tech software. After the high tech burnout, he started Viking Construction, and he hasn’t looked back.

Kevin Bourque


Kevin is a third generation carpenter with over 25 years experience in both residential and commercial carpentry. He has built several new homes in the north shore area, as well as worked on numerous older homes requiring intricate framing and finish details. He is a graduate of Malden Catholic High School and currently resides in Saugus with his wife

Jeff Tibbetts


Jeff has worked for over 20 years as a carpenter, and has been a self employed carpenter/contractor for the past 12 years. His carpentry expertise includes: from framing to finish work, and extensive work in window and door installation. He has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with ten years manufacturing management experience. He is also retired military with extensive experience in aircraft maintenance with the United States Air Force and Air National Guard.

John Hinchey


John W Hinchey did three tours of duty over 7 years as a Ranger in Iraq and Afghanistan. He has been working for Viking Construction for a while, and even though we offered to shoot at him with a BB gun while working high on a ladder, to make his days a little bit more exciting, his calling to the front line has been stronger. He will be going to Nigeria in the private military, but he will be working with us on his time off. John is a graduate of the prestigious North Shore Bennet School in Boston with a carpentry degree, and he has become a master carpenter in the short period since his graduation in 2011. 

Amy Malkoff, designer


Amy has an AB from Kenon College, graduate studies from the New England Conservatory of Music, a certificate of design from Clark University, and has studied at Youngstown State University. She has several years' experience as a freelance designer for both digital and print projects, and serves as social media and web content manager for various projects and organizations. 

Coco, mascot


Coco goes everywhere with Jon. Skills include being cute, hanging out patiently, and waiting to be petted. See the front page for more photos.

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